Visa ready to go

Well, I´ve got about a month till I leave for Korea and I´ve still got a lot to do.

My Korean is still going pretty slow….still learning the alphabet. It´s a whole thing. Usually I try and memorize a few letters of the alphabet and then give up after about 20 minutes.Then drink some wine. One day at a time, right?

I´ve been reading my Lonely Planet….gettin´ learned on some sweet facts. For example: Did you know that Seoul has wireless internet pretty much everywhere? Or that Seoul metro area has 10 MILLION people?

Also watching some episodes of Kimchi Chronicles. So. Awesome. If you don´t know what that is, check it out ASAP.

Anyway, got my visa all set, just waiting for the flight to be booked. And then I have to pack which is a whole separate challenge. First world problems.


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  1. Found your blog from Santiago Times. Good luck in Korea! I am heading down to Chile myself next month. Decided to move down there on a whim. First applied and got accepted for English Opens Doors but that fell through because of passport delays. Luckily now have a job in Santiago with a StartUp Chile company so, excited about that. Look forward to hanging out here more often 🙂

    I blog at



  2. Hi Grace! I’m Sol Moure, I’m from Chile and I came back from the U.S a while a go. I went to Saint Clair Shores Michigan as a foreign exchange student and I stayed there for 10 months. It was quite a challenge for me so I totally understand what you went through. I want to be an English teacher when I grow up as well, and I would like to live in the U.S because the quality life is just so good for its citizens and I always wonder what it would’ve been like to be born in different circumstances or in a different country, in a first world country. But I guess those are stupid questions. We can only try to make a difference in the world and hope for a better future. Congrats for your courage in doing this adventure.

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