Update from the “Theme” motel

Hey all,

I made it. I’m alive. Happy about that.

It’s currently about 5am and I can’t sleep because it feels like about 1pm for me. So, what better way to kill some insomnia then write a blog post, amIright? I woke up at around 2am to some yelling or something, but thus far its been pretty peaceful for a “love motel”. I think I was secretly hoping some more shady dealings might go down, , and I could observe from afar, but it’s probably better this way. Plus I’m not sure I’d really know if it was shady at all considering I don’t understand Korea.

Yesterday my flights felt LONG because usually when I’ve done a 11 or 12 hour flight it’s been an overnight flight, but I did watch the The Avengers (meh..) and had a gyoza and noodle lunch that was pretty tasty for airplane food. This was the first time my legs had really hurt me when flying. Really crampy. Old age approaches!

I was picked up by a nice, balding Korean man holding a sign with my name. He did not speak English, but we made it work with some awkward sign language type communication. It took a long time to get to Suji cause of traffic and I fell asleep for most of it. It’s cloudy and hot here, a very uncomfortable combo. Sweat inducing.

He took me to this little pay by the hour motel and I dropped my stuff off. Tell you the truth, it’s not too bad a joint. The bathroom is big with a bathtub, I have a computer in my room, a fridge, and air conditioning. No windows though which is disorienting.

He then quickly whisked me over to the school. Sweaty, wet, tired, and un-showered, I looked like a pretty hot mess, but managed to say hi to the staff and even observed a few classes (clutching my cup of coffee). The staff was very friendly and I got to meet most of the English teachers, although in my jet-lagged state I’m worried I said something weird or was talking too loud. Tristan, a kindly Minnesotan, was sympathetic enough to help me walk back to the hotel and order me some kimbap (Dude, so good and so cheap).

Still not sure quite is going on. Everything seems pretty disorganized at school. They gave me a teacher’s guide, but I don’t get it. There seems to be a lot of rules and organization, but no one has really explained it to me yet. Watching a few classes made me feel better because the kids seemed pretty well-behaved, smart, and at a fairly high level of English. The classrooms are fun and cheery and I think I will really like it once I get in the swing of things.

However, I am positive I will make many mistakes, mostly because no one seems to be able to explain what’s going on. All I know is I will be at school at 9 30 tomorrow (mmm today, huh) and see how it goes. Really hoping they don’t shove me into a class until at LEAST Monday.

That’s all for now! Once I get my apartment set up with wi-fi, pictures and posts will be much easier.


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