Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Today was a HUGE improvement. Bathroom Bear was a huge success (You have to take the stuffed bear to use the bathroom or get water or talk to Cindy Teacher). They ended up going one at a time. I felt a sense of order slowly seeping into class. Play time was less chaotic, the energy was just better. There was less yelling…..just….so much less hectic.

They lined-up properly when asked (for the most part) and clean-up time was a vast improvement. But I mean, it´s the little hurdles. This week my focus is just lines, bathroom, asking politely, and general order. Next week I´m going to attack the amount of Korean being spoken….that will be tough.

Cedric still had a melt-down, but that was because Cindy Teacher (The Korean staff) took away his toy. He also left the classroom once without asking and hid, but none of the other kids followed suit. Plus, Cedric did SO well the first half of the day. He finished his workbook on time, responded in class. I see light at the the end of the tunnel.

I´m hoping this wave of positivity can hold for the week. Or at least until Friday.

Like I said, baby steps.

Here are some pictures of my daily life.

My classroom:

Grace Teacher, room 10

Can you tell what their favorite part of the day is? Play time maybe?

Suji at night


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