¨Grace Teacher, WHHHHHYY?¨

Week Two Finished. Bam. Done.

This one was a long one, mostly because my sleep schedule is getting re-organized and I´m having trouble getting to bed on time. But ALSO because Kindergarten had some ups and downs this week. Monday was good, but Tuesday was tough, and FRIDAY was the ultimate breakdown (more on that). We had a few kids missing this week because of illness, which was good because the class size was smaller and I could give more individual attention. On the whole, I can feel order being restored to the classroom. They sit and listen during Storytime, they ask to go to the bathroom (which is happening less), they stand in line for the bathroom (mostly) and get through the activities without TOO much distraction.

However, the result of having to follow so many rules has been that I am now the monster teacher. Friday, they got mad at me and said they missed Christine Teacher, mostly because I told them they needed to listen in class when I was talking. Really mean, I know. Being told No hash´t been easy for them. It´s a bummer. And it´s really hard for me to feel like they don´t like me. They all got sad and put their heads on the desk because I told two of the girls I´d change their seats if they could´t pay attention and stop falling off their chairs. MONSTER TEACHER. Sigh. But, some of the students seem happier. Order suites them. They come up to me and hug my leg and draw me pretty pictures. But, there is still a long way to go with this group. They are very tight-knit and if one is sad, the whole group is sad. It´s a very girl heavy group (only two boys) and the emotions run high.

So, like I said, Friday. Cedric had some ups and downs this week. Some days were terrible (tantrums in the hall, breaking my toy box, throwing blocks, lying, running, hiding….all of it). Even a simple task, like finishing his work or seating in his seat, put him in a fit of rage. It’s incredibly distracting. I probably spend half my time managing him or trying to be one step ahead of him. So finally, on Friday, when it was time to clean up and go home, he decided to, instead of putting his books in his backpack like the rest of group, throw them on the floor, stomp on them, and try to tear them. Now, these are EXPENSIVE books. The kids all thought this was hilarious, including Cedric. I wanted to make sure he had to stay behind to clean up the books, but I needed a little backup. So I called in one of the Korean teachers and explained the situation. She got really angry in Korean, and he proceeded to have a full on FIT. He pushed all the boxes off the window sill, threw himself against the wall, screamed, cried, punched…the whole shebang. All the kids watched in shock.

The entire staff realizes how hard he is (they spend much of their time scolding, chasing and disciplining him). I mean, I hate to say this, but I actually do hope he is expelled. It is just too much. There is not one kid in the school that is at this level of misbehavior.But if he isn´t, I will need to find some serious inner Zen to deal with him. By the end of the week, needless to say, I was exhausted. Most of my other classes went smoothly…with a few forgotten handouts and small things. Newspaper class is so much fun. We are doing movie reviews.

I actually really  like my job. I just am having an epic battle with Kindergarten.

So yes, Friday it was time for some Galbi and beer. I´m not sure what I´m up to this weekend. I may have found a soccer team??? Exciting. Okay time to get moving. Maybe explore Seoul a bit.

Here´s some more photos for your entertainment.

Cute teachers at dinner!


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