Itsy Bitsy Spider and English Superstars

Week three is almost at a close. Don Kwon, our recruiter, came to visit on Monday and took us out to lunch which was nice. Good to meet him in person.

I think this week was actually better than last week at school. Cedric (I call him the Destruction Ninja) is improving, but still causes problems. The Korean staff seems to be alerted to it now though and even the head director got angry at him today. Ideally, I think he should not go to this school, but that is not in my control, so therefore I need to find a way to manage him. When he leaves the classroom, doesn´t write in his book, hides under his desk, speaks loudly in Korean, and throws blocks or doesn´t clean up, it can be a lot to manage. If Cedric is having a bad day, I end up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West by lunch time; frizzy-haired and crazy-eyed.

My kindergarten got a new student Wednesday, named Ella. She does´t….speak. Like at all. Which, actually, is refreshing in my class of rambunctious hooligans.

Itsy Bisty Spider song with hand gestures and B-I-N-G-O with clapping have been successful. It keeps them focused and is a good way to start or end the day.

English Superstars has been effective too I think. There is WAY less English spoken in the classroom, but there is still a long way to go. I made the board myself (yay for more unpaid work) and take away their name if they speak Korean. Last kid standing gets a sticker and a candy.

I also read them a story about a dog and a cat. The cat misbehaves at school, but the dog listens, and in the end, the dog and cat make school rules together. I think it made sense to them. Now I say..¨Don´t be a cat! Be a dog!¨And I mean, I like dogs better anyway, so it works out well.

On the whole, I think Kindergarten is improving, but I still think in comparison to the other Kindergarten classes my class is speaking the most Korean and  is the most flat-out disrespectful. We´ll see where we are in a few months.

I still am making little mistakes  at work (forgetting a worksheet, etc). But on the whole, it´s MUCH easier. And I LOVE my newspaper classes on T/R. They are so smart.

It´s amazing how when you work with Kindergarten, you´re life becomes centered around things like putting away books, and singing Baa BAA Black Sheep. You start to feel totally insane.

In other news, soccer last Sunday was fun, but seemed like a bit of a commitment for me (2 hour commutes?) Plus, they didn´t really like the girls playing (We spent most of the game on the sideline). It´s truly a men´s league with basically no girls playing, and it´s full field and pretty rough. We´ll see if I come again. Maybe just practice.

The weather is getting a little cooler. I´m excited to go to Itaewon (the foreigner district) this Saturday for dinner.

Over and out!

Teachers being silly on a Friday:

Hallway at work. Exciting I know.


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