Itaewon and Hiking

This weekend was very relaxing and a perfect mix of night-time and daytime fun. Friday night I went out to dinner at a lamb galbi place which was amazing, then out for some beers with the teachers in Suji. It ended up becoming quite the dance party at Underground and I stayed out later than planned, but a good time was had by all.

Saturday I ventured to Itaewon (the foreigner district in Seoul) in the afternoon to see Sora, a girl I met my last month in Chile (I was pretty proud of myself for going on the metro alone and making all the line changes). She is originally from Seoul, but I met her through Rodrigo and went to her birthday party, at a Korean restaurant, in Santiago, Chile. It´s a whole crazy connection. Anyway, we met up and spoke mostly in Spanish, occasionally some Spanglish, and it was really nice to talk about Chile, and the differences between Korea and S. America. We ordered some very tasty mandu (fried mandu and some mandu with clams in broth…yum) for dinner, then had a few beers. I love having a Korean friend to order me food.

So much fun to make  these types of connections around the world.

Sunday I went hiking near Suji with Rachel and David. It was a gorgeous sunny day and it felt great to be outside. It took about 40 minutes or an hour of climbing up pretty steep, but it was shady and cool. A great day hike.

At the top, there were some great views of Suwon, Suji and parts of the Seoul Metropolitan area.


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