Birthdays and Chuseok

Whoosh time really flies when you work  8 hours a day with kids. Here I am, almost a month into it, and it feels like it´s been one, long continuous day. This last week in particular, with monthly tests, birthdays, and events has been really exhausting. I didn´t even have time to go running this week 😦 I basically come home, eat, and go right to bed. It´s pretty sad.

Still, I really am enjoying being here and can´t wait for my first paycheck. This weekend is actually a four-day weekend because of Chuseok, the Korean autumn festival. So, today  (Thursday) the kinder kids came dressed in traditional costumes which was outrageously cute and we made traditional rice cakes (songpeyon).

Then yesterday (Wednesday) was my first birthday party. Sarah´s parents came and brought cake, fruit, candies and it was all laid out on the table, followed by a rigorous photo shoot. Quite the spectacle. Birthdays are important here. She got gifts, and even brought gift bags for the other children. After photos and cake, the parents and Korean staff left and it was MY job to clean up and make them do their textbook. GREAT. But, the kids did look very cute.

Today, I found out Cedric will not be continuing at LCI. I can´t deny I may have let out a shout of joy. I believe he is a good person, deep down, but the dynamic in my class is so bad and I spend so much time handling him, this is a HUGE relief. He really is one of the worst children at the school and doesn´t seem to have any remorse when he calls the teachers bad names, hides, hits other kids, the list continues.

I am very excited for this upcoming four-day weekend and also VERY excited for Halloween at school. It´s quite the production. Teachers have to decorate classrooms, perform a song with the kids, and help them go trick or treating around school. We even get costumes that school rents for us. I chose a witch ( my first time being a witch actually..) because I volunteered to do the haunted house and because the other options were really bizarre for the most part.

I´m stoked. I love Halloween.

Man, when all you do is teach kids your dreams get really strange. I dream about what song my kids could sing for Halloween, or hear them calling ¨Grace Teacher!¨on repeat. It´s really dizzying and I feel like I´m losing my mind sometimes. Hoping this long weekend gives my brain a rest and provides some quality rest and relaxation.


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