October Happenings

The weather has dipped and the humidity is gone. We´ve been getting some lovely sunny Fall days with cool nights–perfect weather in my book. I´m excited for the leaves to change colors, to wear cozy scarves, and kick it in my new warm boots.

I´m feeling so much better about work. Kindergarten has improved 10 fold. They are speaking much less Korean, standing in line, listening to the teacher, playing nicely during play time, and helping to clean up. It´s AWESOME. I no longer get off for lunch at 12:30 looking like a tired, frazzled witch.

Speaking of witches, that will be my Halloween costume. School actually bought them for us and they arrived yesterday. The  costume feels appropriate, I´m turning 25 November 1st (old hag!) and I play good witch and bad witch with my kindergarten. Plus my grey hairs seem to be increasing.

Being here over a month has vastly improved work, but I still find myself getting stressed over the most ridiculous things. OH MY GOD! I have so much work…I have to MAKE paper spiders for my classroom!! Freak out! Silliness.

Below is me and my kids hiking last week:

Sometimes class is so funny, but you don´t have time to enjoy it because you are so focused on getting the work done. Like, today one of my kids started yelling ¨Rorrypops!¨And I was like…what?

¨Rorrypops! Rorrypops Teacher!¨ she said. It finally clicked. Lollipops! Tee hee.

Then later in class, one of my second graders named Grace (I swear I have a Grace in every class) fell out of her seat trying to answer a question. It was so ridiculous, like a cartoon. It made a huge crash and everyone laughed. In the moment, I remember feeling kinda annoyed, but later, I could´t stop laughing. Sometimes I wish I could just play with the kids, rather than make them work, which is why I try to have fun with them whenever possible. You start to feel like that teacher you always hated..¨Sit down! You crazy kids! Stop singing, stop this stop that¨…Sigh.

Today my kinders made these silly little chick hats in Art and helped me cut out bats. They also LOVED the Halloween song! Winning.

At 11:15 today I also had my first parent meeting. I really enjoyed meeting the parents and those that showed interest seemed really great. Others seemed more apathetic. Ellie did a lot of translating for me. I think it´s good for the parents to meet me so they can understand what I´m like as a person.

Also, today was payday, so I´ve got some monies and a debit card. More winning.

But enough about work. This last weekend I went to Seoul to watch the International Fireworks show by the river. It was a a lot of fun and a great fireworks show. Only in Seoul would they host such an event. I got to see first hand just how crazy Koreans are about biking! They seriously have like biking gangs.


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