Get Weird: Halloween and Spirit Week 2012

Honestly, this was the most exhausting and extensive Halloween of my life. It was really fun, but so much work. Everyday had a theme, and we had to stay late Thursday decorating the whole school. It made for a lot of venti sized coffee drinks.

Monday: Pajama Day

Really cute kids in pajamas running around. But just for Kindergarten. Kind of a gray, cloudy day so they teachers just wanted to nap…

Tuesday: Crazy hair day. I think this was my favorite. I brought Halloween doughnuts to the teacher´s meeting, and started the day with lots of coffee. The teachers looked great and the kids too.

Wednesday: Sports day

Not quite as exciting, but the kids looked great in their taekwondo and ballet outfits. They thought it was weird I wore soccer clothes….girls don´t really play soccer. But in the textbooks they seem to encourage it! It was a long day though with spelling tests and preparing for the monthly test. I came home and barely dragged myself out for a quick run, but it was a struggle.

Thursday: Backwards day

Kinda of a hard theme. I wore a backwards hat. This was not really a fun day, because it mostly involved prepping for Friday, which meant staying late and eating pizza (delicious!!) but also decorating the Haunted House and other areas of the school until about 9pm. It was fun, but so much work. I am an IDIOT and used the wrong kind of tape on the wall and spent AT LEAST an hour scrubbing it off…but, I do think the Haunted House looked sweet at the end!

Friday: Halloween

The kids all the looked great and the school was dark and spooky. Being in the Haunted House was a blast. We used the play gym, and I was in the tube bubble, and the first things the kids saw. It was so much fun making them, laugh, cry, scream, you name it. I loved it.

One girl go scared so bad she flew backwards and almost fell off the play gym. I was crying I was laughing so hard. My kids just attacked me and went ¨GRAAAACE TEACHER¨so I could´t really scare them. The other best part was listening to Ben get attacked and him making scary noises then switching to.. ¨No! It´s okay! Ben teacher!¨ if they got scared.

The rest of the day was a bit chaotic. We were all frazzled by lunch and went out for bibimbap in costume.

After lunch was the song contest and room decorating awards. No, I didn´t win anything, which was fine except my kids were so sad. I felt like it was my fault! 😦

The afternoon was spent giving exams and crossword puzzles. First grade was hard, but the rest of the day was easy. We all went out for well deserved beers afterwards.

I am absolutely exhausted and need recovery, but I really need a hair cut. Gonna play it by ear. Happy Halloween everyone!


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