Winter Countdown

I´ve been really busy lately, which is a good distraction from the recent cold spell which has fallen on Korea. The temperature did a serious drop and it´s now hat, scarf, gloves and boots time, at all times.

On the whole, school has been good. We recently gave the afternoon classes English Placement Tests which we have to grade and we have Monthly Kindergarten Reports due next week, which is a lot of work because I have ten kids. Kindergarten has been really solid lately behavior wise and I´m very happy with how far they´ve come both in terms of attitude and in terms of their English. I will be very sad to have to change classes next spring.

I also signed up, about two weeks ago, to take the GRE on December 15th. I´m terrified of standardized tests and frequently have flashbacks to the horror of taking the SAT so this was a big step for me. It also means my life is now a scary, and sometimes stressful countdown to the test itself. I have books, online tests, etc so I´m just doing my best to study after work and on the weekends. It´s a lot to take on.

BUT. There is light at the end of the tunnel. After my test, the next week is winter break and Rachel, Ben, Alex and I are going to the Phillipines! We are all very excited and planning the trip has been really fun. Tarsiers? Zip-lining? Beaches? Yes please.

To make sure I have a little bit of fun time intra-studying, I try and get into Seoul at least once of the weekend. This Saturday I went to Insadong for the first time which was great. Insadong is a cute little market/street selling traditional Korean tea sets, tea, handmade paper, and lots of great gifts to take home. Megan and I had fun watching the lantern festival on the river  nearby and shopping for Christmas gifts. We ended the night with a delicious dinner or soondubu and beer.

Excited for hot tofu soup on a cold day.

Awesome Tofu Soup (kimchi jjigae) and marinated raw crab banchan (yangnyum gaejang) 간장게장




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