Christmas Happenings

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind.

We had a Christmas event at school as well as monthly exams the weeks before Christmas Break, which meant  crazy week of packing, song contest prepping, monthly test making, and general chaos. But, the end finally came.

Christmas was fun. Maybe not quite as fun as Halloween, but fun nonetheless. The kids got to watch a Magic Show in the morning ( which was hilarious for the teachers because it was all in Korean)  and then we did the song contest. My kids had been practicing a lot, and were sounding great, but once they got on stage, of course, they got really shy. Still, they  did great! Third place. I was a proud teacher.


After lunch we  had Santa Visit Time. The kids all went into big gym and waited patiently while they called their names. The Korean man dressed as Santa then gave them their present that their parents had sent to school, but they weren´t allowed to open it! Next we had play time and I gave them little presents with Christmas socks and chocolates. It was nice to have some time to relax with the kids. They mostly just spent the whole time staring at their presents, wanting to open them. It was cute.



Afternoon classes were much less fun. Mostly administering Monthly Tests. I also had to help run a Spelling Bee for 2nd Grade. That was kinda fun actually. ¨Please spell, bicycle¨ But, it was a little painful seeing the kids so nervous. Koreans take competition seriously, that´s for sure.


After work, we had a really nice staff party at work. They ordered sushi, noodle salad, chicken, fancy bread, brie, wine…the whole shebang. It was really delicious. Post meal, Ben and I hosted the Secret Santa portion of the night. Silliness ensued. I think we made entertaining hosts, if nothing else. More wine was had, flip cup was played, then it was back to the apartment to get ready for a 4am wake up to head to the airport.


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