New Year, New Start: Bring it on, 2013

2013 had arrived! Feels like yesterday that I was celebrating the new millennium. Ringing in 2000. Y2K. The excitement.

13 years later, I´m in Korea. Who would´ve thought.

Last year I celebrated New Years in Santiago, Chile. It was a fun night with friends, shiny black tops, champagne, and fireworks.I remember feeling happy to be in South America, and enjoying the hot January weather.

This year was a bit more mellow. Having just returned from the Philippines many of us were pretty tired. Ended up being just Rachel and I at Travelers, having a few drinks and doing the countdown. Fun, but not crazy.



Generally, I don´t care too much about resolutions. A year is too long to pick huge goals and its a bit of a silly exercise, but I do like making lists and it can be fun to try and think about some lifestyle changes. Out with the old, in with the new.

Today I did some snooping and found my resolutions form last year….let´s take a look.

1. Keep working on the Spanish. Living in an all-Spanish speaking apartment is a step forward, which si good.

2. Stay active and healthy. Keep the weight down.

3. Keep open and positive towards future possibilities. My plan as of now is to return to The States in June or July, which means I’m gonna need a “plan”. Not sure what that will entail, which causes me stress. I will try to keep positive and follow my gut.

4. Eat more greens! Always a good goal.

5. Aquire as much South American food knowledge as possible (in the works).

So how did I do? I definitely did well with number one. I felt a pretty dramatic increase in my Spanish the last few months in Chile. Since I´ve left, it´s diminished, but that´s normal.

Number two, I feel okay with. Not great, but not bad either. A healthy range. I´m not quite as active as I´d like to be at the moment but I plan on signing up for yoga classes soon.

Number three is hard to measure. Seems as though since then I made the decision to move to Korea, so I suppose I solved the ¨next step¨ crisis.I also took the GRE and am feeling more confident about wanting to do an M.Ed program post Korea.

Number four….I have no idea. I hope so! I know I ate lots of healthy greens in Seattle and I eat a lot of seaweed and roots in Korea.

Number five I feel pretty good about. I have a South American food blogged packed with recipes and information.

So now its a new year and I need new resolutions. My resolutions this year seem to be a bit more on the self reflective side rather than the practical. I usually try to pick a few tangible ones and then also some less tangible goals.

2013 Resolutions:

1.Listen more, talk less. This is a tough one for me. I have a horrible habit of interrupting and dominating group conversations. This is not attractive and not something I like very much about myself. You can learn a lot from listening. Within this category I´d like to include watching myself when it comes to teasing. Sometimes my sense of humor can come off a little mean, even if that´s not my intention.

2. Stretch. I am SO inflexible. Always have been. I´d love to be more flexible and I think stretching can be a test in patience and also a form of light meditation. I´ve already signed up for a month of classes at the local YMCA (Cultural adventure! Yoga in a totally foreign language??)

3. Be open to change. I am very stubborn and once I have a plan it is hard to change my mind. But, sometimes the best things in life aren´t planned, be  it your love life or in your professional life. Allowing yourself to stray from the narrow path is necessary and important in order to be happy.

4. Improve my Korean. Even if it´s just a few phrases, or being able to read with more fluency I think this would be a good goal. I won´t be living in Korean forever so I should take advantage of the opportunity!

5. Nuture my creative side. Because I work so many hours a week, sometimes I have no time for myself and I don´t make time to express myself creativity. Back in grade school, we drew and made art every day. I´m not as drawn to making visual art as maybe some people, but I do love to draw. Having an outlet—whether it´s listening to music, drawing, writing, or making something crafty helps me get more centered.

What about you out there in internet land? Any good resolutions?


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