Kinder Graduation

Looking back, it feels like one big blur of stress and craziness, but I will try to remember as best I can. At LCI, Graduation for Kindergarten is a huge production. The kids have to perform a musical play in English and each kid has to memorize a speech. The teachers also have to give speeches. Everything has to go well and it´s not really ¨cute¨ when a kid messes up like it might be at home.

The play was quite the ordeal. Having 6 and 7 year olds remember lines and stage directions is crazy town. The don´t really even know what acting is. They were very fidgety and waiting to say their line was hard for them.

My class did The Little Mermaid. They had been practicing the songs in Musical English class for a while and the impression was that they would rehearse at that time. But as the weeks went on, more and more responsibilities got thrown at the teachers. Soon, it was our job to make sure they memorized all their lines for the play and speeches. Then, we had to cut play time and rehearse in class. Then, I was asked to narrate. Then, I was asked to be in the play itself because a kid got sick! Then I was asked to direct the play, and be in it. It became really stressful. After countless hours of practice and rehearsal and stress, I was very happy to get it over with. Sad to have such a fun, silly thing like a Kindergarten play become so serious.

On Graduation day, the kids looked very cute and I tried to enjoy my last few days with them as much as possible.

DSCN3120 DSCN3127 DSCN3130 DSCN3134

They did pretty well in their play and the parents seemed happy, which, was by far the most important thing unfortunately, rather than the kids having fun. It was great to meet the parents and be thanked.


I will miss this class. They were quite a challenge on arriving. I had to lay down some hard rules and was not always liked when I did it. But, over the months we formed a strong bond.

By the end, there was lots of hugging and kisses. It was really amazing watching the kids grow up and see their English improve. I did not cry, but did feel a little choked up on the last day. One of my friends, Rachel is teaching many of them in 1st grade and I like to say hello and ask how they are doing.




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