April Showers Bring May Flowers

Weeks go by quickly when you teach 37+ hours a week in a classroom. The weather has been beautiful—sunny and mid 60s. This weekend the cherry blossoms popped out overnight. Saturday Rachel and I tried to go  a park in Bundang to snap some photos. We went to many parks, but perhaps not the correct park. It was pretty nonetheless.


Unfortunately, I have a mean case of allergies. I´ve been told Korea is the land of yellow dust in the summer. That will be a challenge for me. The blooms have been giving me the sneezes…beauty comes at a price.

DSCN3281 DSCN3285

School has been good. We are now beginning to prepare for Open Class which is a whole thing. But, you just have to take it one week at a time. Try not to stress and handle each thing as it come.

My kids are still as lovely as ever. Maybe a bit over excited, but sweet and well-behaved. Next week, we start no Korean in class time which will be hard for them, but it´s part of the process.

After the morning Kinder rush, I typically go out for lunch with the teachers. We love to go to this one place that makes a mean bibimbap as well as mul naengmyeon. Recently I´ve been obsessed with the bibim naengmyeon, which has buckwheat noodles with a sweet and savory cold broth, sesame seeds, gochujang, a hard-boiled eggs, sliced asian pear, and cucumber. Sometimes the spice makes my tummy hurt, but it is so worth it. bibim naengmyeon, I heart you.


I´ve also been starting to prepare to apply for grad school. As many know, applying for grad school is daunting and time-consuming. It can be difficult with a full-time job, but I´m starting early in hopes if I do a little every weekend it will all pull together. The plan is to do an M.Ed program that includes initial licensure to teach. I want to teach secondary  school and be endorsed in Literature. Thus far I´ve been looking at University of Texas at Austin, Seattle U, Vanderbilt, and a few others. I´m willing to take suggestions for good programs though. Location is important when applying to be a teacher, because you usually end up teaching where you go to school.

The other confession I must make I that I´m addicted to Uniqlo (Japanese clothing store, sort of like a cheaper American apparel). I bought four pairs of pants there…..FOUR! I´ve never bought four pants at a time. Korea is turning me into a shopaholic. Well, I suppose enjoy it while I can…soon I´ll be on a teacher´s salary, or no salary at all. Plus, the honest truth is I´m saving quite a bit of money…..so….it´s okay, right? I also had to buy this shirt:

Photo on 4-14-13 at 10.48 AM

What´s not to love.

One more note, to address the North Korea issue. There is nothing I can say that hasn´t been said a million times before and much more eloquently, but on the whole, there does not seem to be much tension or anxiety here in S. Korea. The general sentiment is that N. Korea will not try anything very dramatic. No one is afraid. I sometimes worry, especially when I read a scary headline on CNN (They have quite the penchant for drama), but I just want to assure friends and family that there is not need for alarm.

Over and out from Korealand!