Summertime Homestretch

Summer is in full swing and it is blazing hot in Korea. Hard to walk to the bus stop without soaking yourself in sweat.

Thank god for air conditioning.

A lot of exciting things happening soon. In July I will be going to Mudfest (Basically a big festival where you get covered in mud) and then Tokyo, and then there is only one more month left!

It will be a sad goodbye and a shocking transition to go from working full time to living out of a backpack, but I´m excited.

I´ve become more and more attached to my kinders which I didn´t think was possible.

DSCN3754 DSCN3757 DSCN3760 DSCN3761

Last week Lucia had a bad day. She has been having tough time because she is the only girl in my class of 5 boys and she is not the toughest girl. She is a bit timid, very affectionate, and not my fastest learner. I think her mom is too busy to help her with her homework, which at a cram school, usually means the children fall behind.  She is SUPER cute and I love her very much, but the other day I was a little frustrated because she never repeats, or if she does she does it very quietly. It´s very important that she repeat because her pronunciation is not very good and its a way to help her speaking improve. Anyway, I reminded her to repeat after teacher and she burst into tears. Poor thing. I felt terrible, but I also think it was perhaps some accumulated stress.

Then, in play gym, the boys were playing some monster game she didn´t like and she felt left out. So, Cindy told the boys to make sure to include her and they all nodded nicely. So, at playtime, all the boys sat down with Lucia and drew pictures of her and gave them to her. They kept saying, ¨Lucia is so cute!¨ and ¨Everybody play together!¨I´ve never seen a group of little boys be so sweet in my life. It was almost tear inducing. I´m so lucky to have a group of such kind and respectful boys.

Yesterday Rachel and I went into Seoul and went the stream downtown called cheonggyecheon to dip our feet in and then went to Gyeongbokgung (경복궁) which is one of the biggest, most popular palaces in Seoul. We had a lot of fun, even though it was really hot.

DSCN3776 DSCN3781 DSCN3784 DSCN3789 DSCN3795 DSCN3796 DSCN3800 DSCN3810 DSCN3818

Other than school, I´ve been spending my time preparing to move and also planning my upcoming trips. I´ve already booked my flights home, but haven´t really finalized where and how long I´m staying in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I think we´re going to do two weeks in Thailand, then hop over to Siem Reap  to go to Ankor Wat, then I´ll go by myself to Hanoi for almost a week, then go home…actually home!


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