Monsoon Season and Mudfest

Well, the sun has stopped shining and has been replaced by hot rain. Real nasty stuff. My hair becomes a curly frizzy hot mess by the time I arrive at work and my clothes are soaked in sweat. Ain´t pretty.

But, I´ve been living the high life nevertheless. I´ve been busy having fun and planning my trip in S.E. Asia as well as trying to get rid of stuff in my apartment.

I went to my last yoga class this month. Decided it was time to give myself some more free time. But, it was a sad goodbye. I took class for 6 months and came to really like our instructor. She was a riot…also pinching my sides, telling me ¨pancha!¨or suck in. Great experience all around taking that class at the YMCA. Gave me some peace and quiet after a crazy stay at work and helped me to feel healthy and strong.


For the 4th of July, a few of us went to Gecko´s to enjoy some Budweiser and fireworks. Pretty mild cause it was a school night, but we celebrated in style.


I saw one of my best friend´s sisters from college who just moved here and we had a grand old time stomping around Seoul, enjoying some bingsu. It´s fun to make global connections. She studied abroad in Chile as well.


Last weekend I went to Mudfest in Boryeong. It was really fun. Mudfest is basically this huge festival on the beach where people drink beer and get covered in mud. The mud is supposed to have minerals that are good for the skin, but most people go to have a good time and get dirty.

We paid for this big group deal, where a bunch of foreigners get picked up by a bus and driven to a bunch of pensions where you share a room with your friends. Essentially, you sleep on the floor on a blanket. It isn´t glamorous but there was air con and fun was had by all.

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Up next, Tokyo!